Picasso Digital
Is a comprehensive PMS/MPMS for all departments at our facility, such as conferences, hotels and restaurants.

ONL20 is the latest and with Picasso totally integrated booking engine for your websites.

Restaurant cash register with inventory control, table booking and customer database.

Manage the maintenance of your hotel rooms easily with the Piccoline app.

Artificial Intelligence in Picasso Digital. The future of Property Management has arrived.

Ownership module 
A great tool for holiday-centers to administer holiday homes owned by private individuals. The module allows the owners to book their own houses online within the agreed restrictions.

Online presentkort 
Increase your online sales by offering Online Gift Certificate with online payment.

Wellness bokning SPA 
Everything you need to professionally manage your SPA and Wellness Department.

Whether it’s bowling, tennis, climbing, hiking, or anything else you would like to offer your guests, you can use this module.

Techotel Moln tjänst 
Picasso is a software system that is centrally located on Techotels servers. 
All hotels who purchase or rent usage of Picasso has the choice to either save their individual data – ie. settings, text and files on their own server, or on our servers.